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Friday the 13th Single Player Will Pay Homage to the Films

Illfonic’s Casey Holtz confirms that the single-player mode in Friday the 13th: The Game will feature challenges and killing scenes inspired by the classic horror movie franchise. Source: GameRant

Friday the 13th Preparing to Add Fox as Camp Counselor

Friday the 13th: The Game creators Gun Media and IllFonic reveal that Fox from Part 3 of the film series is set for inclusion in the survival-horror title as a Camp Counselor. Source: GameRant

Friday the 13th Will Unban Exploiters and Cheaters in Next Patch

Developer Illfonic reveals Friday the 13th will unban some cheaters and exploiters in the game’s next patch, prompting backlash from fans of the horror title. Source: GameRant

Friday the 13th Jason Part 4 and Jarvis Map Details Released

Illfonic releases further details on the new content coming to Friday the 13th: The Game, including a look at Jason from Part 4 and and Jarvis House map. Source: GameRant

Friday the 13th Reveals New Camp Counselor

Illfonic reveals new camp counselor Mitch Floyd, who will make his way to the popular asymmetric multiplayer game as a free download on Friday, October 13th. Source: GameRant