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Madden Tournament Shooter Played Video Games ‘Obsessively’

Divorce paperwork filed by the parents of the Madden NFL 19 tournament shooter reveal a history of mental illness, including an apparent ‘obsession’ with video games. Source: GameRant

Jacksonville Sheriff Reveals Names of Madden Shooting Victims

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office releases the names of Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton who were both victims of yesterday’s shooting in Jacksonville, FL. Source: GameRant

Overwatch League Skins Will Be Added to the Game, Blizzard Confirms

Blizzard announces that exclusive Overwatch League teams skins will be coming to the game in the future, showing off a new look for both Mei and Genji. Source: GameRant

Overwatch eSports Team Gets Backing from A-List Music Artist

The Overwatch League’s San Francisco team reveals its roster of players in a new hype video that also showcases the team’s high profile celebrity sponsors. Source: GameRant