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Amazing Animation Features Dark Souls and Cuphead Mashup

YouTube channel 64 Bits recently released a parody that mashes together Cuphead and Dark Souls, and imagines a game we desperately wish we could play. Source: GameRant

Cuphead Boss Battle is a Giant Batman Reference

Popular run-and-gun indie game Cuphead includes a boss battle that is one giant reference to a classic Batman and Robin tie-in video game from the 90s. Source: GameRant

Cuphead Clones Have Already Arrived on Mobile

As Cuphead continues to be a huge success on Windows PC and Xbox One, mobile app developers on Android begin to release poor rip-off clones of the game. Source: GameRant

Cuphead Player Beats Every Boss Using DDR Pad

Twitch streamer PeekingBoo manages to defeat all of the bosses in Studio MDHR’s ultra-difficult platformer Cuphead using a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad. Source: GameRant

The One Change Every Cuphead Player Should Make

We name the one change every Cuphead player should make to make the extremely challenging platformer easier, as well as other ways to lessen the game’s difficulty. Source: GameRant

Cuphead May Get Online Multiplayer At A Later Date

Studio MDHR producer and ink artist Maja Moldenhauer reveals that online co-operative gameplay may be on the horizon for Cuphead, the vintage platformer. Source: GameRant

Cuphead Releases Its Launch Trailer

Microsoft and Studio MDHR officially release the launch trailer for Cuphead, the vibrant run and gun shooter game that is available now for PC and Xbox One. Source: GameRant