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Tom Clancy’s The Division Shield Guide: What They Are and How To Complete Them

After The Division 2’s mega reveal at E3 courtesy of Microsoft and Ubisoft, Tom Clancy’s The Division is enjoying a sort of renaissance. As I’ve previously mentioned, I love what Ubisoft has been doing with the game, continuing support for

The Division PTS 1.8 Update Goes Live with New Changes

Ubisoft confirms the changes brought in with The Division’s PTS 1.8 update, announcing the updated features as the PTS 1.8 update itself goes live for console players. Source: GameRant

The Division Developer Wants to Improve the Dark Zone

Ubisoft releases a new survey for Tom Clancy’s The Division that invites Dark Zone players to share their experiences and feedback for the game’s controversial PvP arena. Source: GameRant