Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Review

With Marvel Comics’ long history of tangled legal red tape and licensing deals, it brings me a special kind of joy to put together a team composed of a yellow spandex-clad Wolverine straight out of the old cartoons, a Spider-Man

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review

I certainly wasn’t expecting to love a Minecraft-style block-building game based on a decades-old JRPG franchise as much as I did Dragon Quest Builders 2. Even though the combat is a bit weak and the controls can be frustrating at

Defector Review

I never thought I’d be able to jump out of a plane and land on the outside of another in VR without getting irrecoverably sick, but Defector let me do just that. This Oculus Studios-published action game is a bit

SolSeraph Review

Every game has its influences, but SolSeraph might as well have the subtitle: Tribute to ActRaiser. Everything from the god-saving-humanity story to the hybrid action/city-building gameplay mirrors the 1990 Super Nintendo gem I adored as a kid – Sega even

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Review

I’m a stranger in a strange land. The people’s faces are familiar, but their names and customs are alien. In Eorzea, the masses gather in the streets and cheer for me, for I am Nidhogg’s bane, Ala Mhigo’s liberator, a

Stranger Things 3: The Game Review

Spoiler Note: Stranger Things 3: The Game follows the plot of season 3 of the Stranger Things Netflix show. The text of this review is spoiler-free and the video/screenshots shown are from early on in the campaign, but keep that in

Sea of Solitude Review

In this beautiful, flooded world, humans turn into monsters when they become lonely – but that loneliness takes plenty of different forms. Sea of Solitude is all about navigating dangerous waters, both literally and metaphorically. It’s a story-driven adventure game

F1 2019 Review

There have been a touch over 100 Formula One Grands Prix since the sport’s controversial engine revision in 2014. Over half of them have been clinched by a single bloke, and more than 80 of them won by the same

Updated for Switch: Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered Review

Updated July, 2019 for Nintendo Switch: The Switch version of Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered runs (somewhat surprisingly) as well as the console version, and looks almost as good doing it. After spending a few hours in smashing my way through its open world

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Review

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite may not be the wizarding world game of my dreams (hopefully that leaked Harry Potter RPG trailer is more than a concept) but I’m pleasantly surprised with how much I’m enjoying Niantic’s latest augmented reality “walking