The Mummy Demastered Looks Better Than The Movie, And Also Looks Good

The Mummy Demastered, a 2D Metroidvania by Wayforward meant as a tie-in to the fantasy action movie by a similar name, looks strangely cool. The pixel art non-linear action game takes place in the same world as this summer’s launch

Golf Story Coming To Nintendo Switch On September 28

Golf Story, a much-anticipated Golf RPG for the Nintendo Switch, has finally gotten a release date, coming in hot on September 28. The player takes on the role of a golfer who has given up on everything to take one

Check Out This Trailer For The Final Nioh DLC, Bloodshed's End

Nioh has had a fairly extensive amount of post-launch support since its release in February. All good things must eventually come to an end, as Nioh’s final DLC is coming soon and this trailer shows it is going out with

SAG-AFTRA Reaches Tentative Agreement With Video Game Companies

SAG-AFTRA has announced that they have reached a tentative agreement with the eleven video game companies to end the strike that started in October 2016. The voice actors strike was called in 2016 when SAG-AFTRA and video game publishers were

Another Legend Of Zelda Book From The Hyrule Historia Series

If you are a Legend of Zelda fan with a bookshelf, you probably already own Hyrule Historia and its follow-up, Art & Artifacts. You can now complete the triforce of Zelda literature with the third book in the series, The

Lego Ninjago Review – High-Flying, Brick-Busting Action

The Lego games are built to be played on as many machines as possible, often straddling numerous generations of hardware. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens landed on 14 different platforms, including mobile devices. While some versions of these games

The Ten Coolest Looking Weapons In Destiny 2

Destiny players will always have one true love: exotic gear. With Destiny 2, Bungie gives us not only more impressive firearms but unique weapon ornaments that help us accessorize our armaments. And that’s really what we all care about. You

We Happy Few Bobby Action Figure Coming To Oppress Your Other Action Figures

We Happy Few, the upcoming indie survival game, is getting an action figure of its primary antagonist, the Bobby. The action figure represents the Bobby from the game, the enemy who patrols the streets of Wellington Wells on the look

Monolith Explains Changes To Tolkien's Lore In Shadow Of War

With each new detail that emerges about Middle-earth: Shadow of War, some fans question how the new game lines up with Tolkien’s original vision of his world. While visiting Monolith Productions for our cover story on the game, Game Informer‘s

The Sports Desk – All Racing Games Need This Feature

A lot of people love racing cars in video games, but that doesn’t mean that we all know exactly what we’re doing – I count myself among that group to a certain extent. It’s one thing to know how to