Science-Fiction Weekly – Your Take On Mass Effect Andromeda

In the months leading up to 2017, I thought Resident Evil 7 would be the year’s most polarizing game. Capcom’s decision to redefine survival horror ended up paying off in the end; perhaps not in sales, but the collective takeaway

No One Can Hide From New Overwatch Widowmaker Statue

Overwatch’s Widowmaker might be a contentious character to pick in a competitive match, but there’s no arguing that her new statue is awesome. Available from Blizzard’s online store, the piece measures an impressive 13.5″, with a 7.5″ base and is

Beware Destiny’s New Treasure Of Ages

With Destiny: Age of Triumph launching today, we wanted to investigate what players can expect out of the new treasure boxes. We opened 30 of the new treasure boxes to give you a sense of what drop rate you can

Fan Mods Nintendo 64 To Act As Switch Dock

With its thin, all black design, the standard Nintendo Switch dock gives the console a modern, sleek look when you want to play on your television. However, for one fan, they were looking for something a bit different. Reddit user

Destiny 2 CG Teaser Sets The Table For "Full Reveal" Later This Week

Following yesterday’s official reveal of Destiny 2’s logo, Bungie has released a CG trailer feature Cayde-6 (voiced by Nathan Fillion), one of the most popular characters from the series. In the teaser, it appears as though The Last City has

Destiny's Age Of Triumph Brings Changes To Raids, Microtransactions, And More

Destiny’s new Age of Triumph update is finally here, and it brings upgrades to nearly every element of Bungie’s mega-popular online FPS. Age of Triumph is being touted as the final chapter in “phase one” of Destiny; support for the

PSA: Orisa Is Now Available In Competitive Overwatch

Overwatch’s latest tanky omnic is now available for use in competitive matches. My own experiences with the new character have been positive and fun, but we’re all very curious to see where the group-oriented robot will land in more serious

GI Show – Billy Mitchell, Pac-Man, And The "Fathers Of Esports"

Above: The first real exposure for competitive gaming from LIFE magazine in 1982. Welcome to a special, bonus episode of The Game Informer Show podcast. We’re hoping that you remember the fantastic documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of

First Episode Of Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Coming Next Month

Telltale has announced the release date of the first episode of Guardians of the Galaxy. Fitting right in with Star-Lord’s musical tastes, “Tangled Up In Blue” will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, and Android starting on April

New Syberia 3 Story Trailer Suggests Return Of Fan-Favorite Character

Kate Walker last appeared in 2004’s Syberia 2, but she’s back in a brand new title, scheduled for release in April. Syberia 3 is written by series creator Benoît Sokal, and the series is aiming to return without missing a