The Legend Of Zelda Overperforms In Canada, Says Reggie

As part of an interview with the Toronto Star, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime talked a little about about the curious case of how well certain Nintendo series sell better in Canada than anywhere else. “There are certain franchises

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr Review

There’s a lot of appeal to the idea of a top-down action RPG that lets you blast your way through the Warhammer 40K universe as a power-armored behemoth, a deadly assassin, or a devastatingly powerful psychic. Unfortunately, Inquisitor – Martyr’s

Xbox Insiders Get Access To New Avatar Editor

Last year, Microsoft announced that they’re bringing back Xbox Avatars to be more inclusive and look and act more like real people. Today, Xbox Insiders have access to the brand new Avatar editor. The new Avatar editor is designed for

Gravity Rush 2 Online Servers Shut Down Next Month

Update: An earlier version of this story stated the servers would shut down tonight. That rollout was delayed and the game’s online servers will shut down on July 18. Sony announced a little while back that they would be shutting

Gravity Rush 2 Online Servers Shut Down Tonight

Sony announced a little while back that they would be shutting down the servers for their single-player title Gravity Rush 2. The deadline comes up today and soon the ability to gather the game’s “Dusty Tokens,” items gathered while playing

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Delayed To 2019

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries has been delayed into 2019, the developers have announced today. The news come from Piranha Games president Russ Bullock on Twitter, who announced the delay along with some context for the reasons. Important message regarding MechWarrior 5:

Beyond Good And Evil 2's Beta Aiming To Hit Around End Of 2019

With Ubisoft showing off Beyond Good And Evil 2 at E3 and even teasing the appearance of a younger and decidedly more angst-ridden Jade, fans might be wondering how long until they get the chance to play the game. According

New Gameplay Today – Crayola Scoot

During E3, Kyle Hilliard saw a lot of games. One of them was Crayola Scoot, a kid’s game based on the familiar brand. He wouldn’t stop talking about it, so Leo and I sat him down and recorded this quick

Bandai Namco Confirms A New Tales Game Is In Development

This past weekend, Bandai Namco held the annual Tales Festival, an event where fans can meet voice actors, artists, and revel in the fandom of Tales games. During the festival, the Japanese publisher aired a video stating that a new

Breaking Down The Improvements Coming To NBA Live 19

After nearly a decade of struggling to field a competitive basketball game, last year EA Sports finally put some proper pieces into place that signal a better future for the NBA Live franchise. NBA Live 19 looks to continue the