Watch SDCC Cosplayers Show Off In Style

What if San Diego Comic-Con were directed by Baby Driver director Edgar Wright? Let’s pretend for a moment through this music video showing off SDCC’s best and brightest cosplayers dancing, posing, and acting for the camera in this catchy Youtube video

Reader Discussion: What's The Strangest Game You've Ever Played?

Most of us have grown used to the crazy antics of the Super Mario Bros., but if you step back and think about it, video games can be pretty bizarre. What’s the strangest game you’ve ever played? Strange is subjective.

Some Pokémon Go Fest Attendees Are Suing Niantic

Pokémon Go Fest was a huge misstep, to say the least. Developer Niantic held the Chicago-based festival in late July and quickly found itself unprepared for the realities of 20,000 people all playing Pokémon Go in one small area. As

GI Show – Wolfenstein II, Pyre, Greg Kasavin Interview

Welcome back to The Game Informer Show! On this jam-packed episode, Matt Miller explains why he was so captivated by Pyre from Supergiant Games and Javy Gwaltney shares insight on what it’s like to play a lot of Wolfenstein II:

Details On Night Trap Release Come Out

Publisher Screaming Villains has crept out of the shadows to announce that its re-release of infamous FMV game Night Trap will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam this August. Releasing 25 years after the Sega CD original, physical versions

Destiny 2 PC Beta Takes Place End Of August

Bungie has announced the hotly anticipated dates for the PC beta of Destiny 2, taking place on August 28th for Early Access members and August 29th for everyone else. The beta ends on the 31st for everyone, so players who

Dream Daddy Review – A Heartwarming Tale Of Fatherhood And Dating

The subject of dads dating other dads may sound like a strange topic for a visual novel, but developer Game Grumps (known for its YouTube series) makes the concept engaging with character-driven stories about parenthood, love, and loss – all

New Code Vein Screenshots Depict A Ravaged Dystopia

Code Vein, Bandai Namco’s upcoming RPG, features a vampiric race known as Revenants who possess abilities called “Gifts.” The Revenants have given up their memories in order to obtain these abilities, and must consume the blood of their enemies in

Tomb Raider Underworld Added To Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Starting today, Xbox One users can play Tomb Raider Underworld via Xbox One backward compatibility. Embark on an exotic adventure with Lara Croft where exploration and environment navigation is key to your success. Additionally, 7 new titles are being added

First Look At Snoke In Behind-The-Scenes Shots Of The Last Jedi

In 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the mysterious Snoke barked orders at his assembled group of Sith via a hologram. Aside from looking immensely tall, audiences didn’t get much information on who Snoke is or what he really looks