What To Watch This Weekend: Injustice 2, Dota 2, And Super Smash Bros. Melee

It’s still technically Spring for a couple more weeks, but everyone knows it’s really summer. Esports are in on this line of reasoning, as a few tournament leagues are kicking off their Summer leagues. There’s also just a bunch of great

What The Heck Is This? Episode 8

We cover a lot of big, well-known games here at Game Informer. Thanks to these efforts, you (hopefully) know all about the next big franchise, or the highly-anticipated new game from that notable indie developer What about those random games

Weekend Warrior – Backlogs, Barbecues, and Battlegrounds

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and many of us are having relaxing weekends with our families, eating some good food, and of course, playing video games. Once again, the staff is catching up on big releases from earlier this year like

Rime Review

On the surface, Rime is a gorgeous, melancholy adventure of a lone wanderer in the similar fashion as memorable games like Ico, Journey, or The Witness. But just under that layer of beautiful art, mysterious locations, and wonderful music, is

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Review – Not Quite A Keeper

Pokémon Go proved that mobile platforms are a viable (and probably even preferred) home for the pocket monster collecting franchise. Magikarp Jump is the newest Pokémon game to release on mobile devices following Go and Duel, and shows The Pokémon

Exclusive First Look At Star Trek RPG’s Custom Dice

Publisher Modiphius is currently hard at work on the new Star Trek Adventures RPG, a dedicated role-playing experience that will be the first official tabletop RPG for the franchise in over a decade. The team is currently rolling out a

Top Of The Table – The Best Bluffing Games

Many board games on the market allow for careful teamwork and cooperation, while others focus on strategic decisions and carefully orchestrated competitive battles. But another branch of games focus their gameplay purely on the social dynamic between players, with a

Eight Takeaways From Our Time With Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

We recently got some hands-on time with TT Games’ third stab at telling a new tale in the Marvel universe to see how things are shaping up for Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. We played through the first level and

Blue Rogue Yondu Joins Mobile Fighter Marvel: Contest Of Champions

Everyone’s favorite whistler is making his way to Marvel’s mobile F2P Contest of Champions. The blue anti-hero joins the likes of Spider-Man, Captain America, and Star-Lord as a selectable fighter. You can watch him in action here: (Please visit the

Square Enix Touts Strong Sales Of Nier: Automata And Final Fantasy XV

In the company’s annual financial briefing, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda said the sales of Final Fantasy XV, Nier: Automata and the PlayStation 4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider are responsible for the growth of their Digital Entertainment sector during