See How God Of War's Best Boss Fight Came Together

God of War is a great game (read our review here), and the first boss fight is an early indication of the excellent experience that awaits. In that battle, Kratos goes head-to-head with a foe called “The Stranger,” and even

PSVR Hits 3 Million Sales

Whatever your personal feelings on virtual reality are, you can’t deny that people are intrigued by the technology. That’s evidenced by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s recent announcement on the PlayStation Blog that it has sold 3 million PSVR systems. The company

We Asked Blizzard Which Of Their Characters They Would Want In Super Smash Bros.

We got a chance to sit down with Blizzard around the time of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct and, with Smash Bros. on our minds and Diablo III coming to Switch, we had to ask: who would Blizzard want

Diablo III On Switch Has Exclusive Content From The Legend Of Zelda Series

With Diablo III on Switch having been revealed, the question of whether there’s any Nintendo-specific content to get Switch fans on board with the action RPG is an obvious one. So obvious, in fact, that it’s the very first thing

Blizzard Is Bringing Diablo III To Switch This Fall

In what is clearly the best-kept secret of all time, Blizzard has revealed that Diablo III, the 2012 loot-and-dungeon action game first released on PC, is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. It marks the first time Blizzard has

The Quiet Man Trailer Is Cryptic And Creepy

The Quiet Man’s mix of live action sequences with brutal combat is on full display in the title’s new trailer, but the footage also poses other questions. Clearly the game’s story involves more than just the kidnapping of jazz lounge singer Lala, and

Update: Disney Refuses To Reverse James Gunn Firing Decision

Update:  Since The Guardians Of The Galaxy director’s Gunn’s firing after a series of controversial tweets,  there’s been a huge group of fans and activists demanding he be reinstated. The film’s cast has also been vocal about standing behind the

New Battlefield V Trailer Shows Off Rotterdam Map, Gives First Glimpse Of Battle Royale

Right before Gamescom kicks off in Cologne, Germany, EA and DICE have released a new Battlefield V trailer. The two-minute clip gives us a good look at the Rotterdam map, which takes place during another early World War II battle that

New Survival Sim Sends Resource-Gathering To The High Seas

The survival management subgenre generally isn’t a cheery place. Recent sims like Frostpunk and This War of Mine drive that home, even with the most effective resource-gathering, some things are simply out of your control. Flotsam, a new game from

Exploring The Art Behind The Super Nintendo's Music

Did you know that an average song on iTunes is about 100 times bigger than the audio capacity of a full SNES game? Nerdwriter1 put togehter this ode to the SNES’s sound system, which is more impressive that you might